About Us

Welcome to A Bazaar Universe!

 Since 2011, soul sisters Jade and Delia have been traveling between music festivals, vintage shows, and art fairs setting up A Bazaar Universe. We traveled the country rescuing gorgeous garments and fabulous fabrics, and giving them whatever love they need to get them to get them to their new homes. 

And now we have 2 brick and mortar shops!!!!

Delias Shop is located in Detroit,MI inside the amazing Tangent Gallery
715 E.Milwaukee Ave Detroit,MI 48202

Jades shop is in the heart of downtown Somerset Kentucky
214 E. Mount Vernon St. Suite B Somerset,KY 42501

In addition to our vintage and upcycled clothing our shops host art and wears from many of our artist and vendor friends as well as local products and goods

We are still dedicated to being as ethical and sustainable as possible. When we vend our beloved big music festivals we do things the way we have since 2011... when we set up our og booth at music festivals Everything is secondhand, from the clothing we sell, to the hangers they're hanging on, even the tents they're under is recycled.

We truly believe that EVERY BODY is beautiful. Whatever size or pronoun you wear, we intend to have something to help you feel your Authentic, Radiant self. Because let's face it, when you're wearing clothing that you think is awesome, you feel awesome wearing it. So we're here to remind you that You. Are. AWESOME! You deserve to feel it.


We love you.

Thank you for visiting A Bazaar Universe on-line! 

-Jade and Delia


Want to know where it all began? Read on.....

In 2010 Delia Williams and Jade Ellis met on a farm on the Big Island of Hawaii. Quickly discovering shared passions for ecology, funky fashion, and adventures, the two began dreaming up ways to travel together while making a positive impact. During a self made music festival tour in 2011, volunteering with Clean Vibes and the Work Exchange Teams, they would stop at secondhand stores along the way, scooping up costumes and fabrics. Hand stitching, repairing, and repurposing on the road. The ladies would set up two tents at their campsite; the small sleeping tent, and the big costume tent. Inviting all the people they met to play dress up, with the stipulation that the clothing must be returned by the end of the event. Interestingly enough, when the other festival goers would return the clothes they would continuously offer to buy them. During the festivals the ladies would also be approached by people who wanted to buy the clothes they were wearing. The signs from the universe became so obvious that they began asking themselves, “Should we just try vending these clothes and see what happens”... With no expectation of anything more than possibly making enough cash to get to the next show and with the encouragement of another vendor they had befriended along the way, on Halloween weekend 2011 at Nelsons Ledges Quarry Park, A Bazaar Universe was set up on Shakedown street for the first time.

Since then they've been vending music festivals, Art Shows, and Vintage markets all over the country. Every year has brought changes, challenges, and growth. Two founding principals have remained through it all, #1 friendship first, our personal relationship as best friends comes before all things business, #2 EVERYTHING is upcycled. Our mission to save the world through funky fashion is second only to our mission to always be there for each other.


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